Get Involved!

One of our agency goals for 2017 is to increase community involvement. KIFS strives to instill a sense of belonging, gratitude, and community participation for each child in our program, so that they may learn how to give back. After many years of participation in our holiday donation drive, we have recently partnered with Backstreet Studio LLC. to kick off our community involvement this year with “Pay It Forward 2017.” Please stay tuned for more to come as we organize events for this year-long project!

We are looking for both volunteers to come and help us out, as well as volunteer opportunities for our children to give back to the community that so willingly gives to them in times of need. We are looking to partner with other agencies in Northern Kentucky for opportunities to get involved with our community!

Volunteers are sometimes the driving forces in our agency, as we do not always have the funds to get the extra stuff done!Volunteer opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • tutoring
  • mentoring
  • raising awareness
  • sorting donations
  • handing out fliers/helping us recruit new foster families in the community!
  • working Events

We welcome individuals, families, and organizations to come out and learn about foster care, and help us give back to our community. Please contact Jessica Schneider for volunteer opportunities at 859-250-2262 or email